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Securing Society 5.0 Introduction

Securing Society 5.0 – Overcoming the hidden threats in society’s greatest...

A term first coined by the Japanese government, “Society 5.0” describes "A human-centered society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems...
oran lexicon

The Open RAN Lexicon You Need

The telecoms and digital technologies sectors are notoriously jargonised. Eavesdrop on any conversation at an industry conference (remember those?) and you’d be treated to...
Open RAN Security

Open RAN May Be the Future of 5G, but Can We...

It's been a year of contradictions for the telecommunications industry. Like most sectors, it has been heavily impacted by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic,...
5G TSN Manufacturing

5G in Manufacturing – 5G and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) for...

In the recent report by IHS Markit - "The 5G Economy - How 5G will contribute to the global economy" - researchers claimed that...
5G Cybersecurity Safety

Cybersecurity and Safety in the 5G-Enabled Smart-Everything World

Neil Harbisson calls himself a cyborg. Without the antenna implanted in his skull, he would not be able to see colour of any kind....

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Marin Ivezic

For 30+ years I’ve been protecting lives, well-being, enterprises, and the environment by bringing together cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems security, operational resilience, and functional safety.
I started working on 5G cybersecurity research in 2009 when we correctly predicted the cyber-physical nature of future 5G use cases.
[This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions are personal. See Terms.]

My other websites is my main blog with all my collected writings and resources. Focus is on cyber-physical systems security, ICS/OT security, IoT security, cyber-kinetic security and critical infrastructure cyber protection, but it also includes my opinions on leadership, diversity and inclusion, disinformation, and other topics.
5G.Security5G.Security is my blog focused on security, privacy, and geopolitics of 5G, Edge, 5G-connected infrastructure, and massive IoT (mIoT).

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Securing Society 5.0

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